Math game on solving one step linear inequalities with single variables

Math game on solving one step linear inequalities with single variables, Students can access this resource on mobile and PC. This quiz will also serve as an extra resource for homeschooling kids. Students will learn to solve inequalities and review basic skills in pre-algebra. There are several problems and each is a MCQ on inequalities. At the end of the game the score will be dispalyed and students will have a chance to understand their areas of weakness. This game is for students in 3rd,4th, 5th, 6th and 7th grades. Get more practice with worksheets focusing on inequalities

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Slot Machine Game to Make Inequality Problems Fun to Solve

If your child/student is finding the subject of inequalities difficult, teaching it to her/him through a game is a great way to make it easy for her/him. Solving one step linear inequality with single variable math game is a fun way of teaching and includes a slot machine which will entice your child/student. While the real-world slots give coins to the winner, the student will get points. The jackpot is of 5 points! Students can play compound inequalities online games with solutions or they can interactively solve for x inequalities games for grade 7 through 9. Your child/student will soon be solving linear inequalities with fractions because of the drive to play slot. You will also be pleasantly surprised to see them solve linear inequalities with absolute values.