Finding numbers prime factors penalty shootout game

Finding numbers prime factors penalty shootout game. The penalty shootout game is a math game that contains a football component. Each time a player answers a question correctly, he or she will shoot a penalty otherwise you wouldn't have a chance to kick a penalty. The main focus of the game however is to identify prime numbers in a set of numbers listed. Remember prime numbers are numers that have only two factors, one and itself. If a number is not prime, it is authomatically composite. Have fun playing this game.

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Exciting Penalty Shootout Game Making Factorization Fun

To encourage your child/student to learn factorization, finding numbers prime factors penalty shootout game is fantastic. Your student will have to give the correct answer of the question about finding the factor of the given number and s/he will get a penalty shootout and will score points. Factor numbers into prime factors games for kids are extremely enticing. This is also an identifying prime numbers and composite numbers game and also a finding factors and multiples game. With these games, students are introduced to and learn factors, prime and composite numbers and multiples in an easy and fun way. And they gain confidence for solving the problems because of the rewards.