Learn how to convert decimals to fractions game for kids

Learn how to convert decimals to fractions game for kids. In this game students will learn how to convert between fraction and decimals and vice versa. Students have to pay attention to the numbers after the decimal points when doing their conversions. With fractions, students need to pay attention to the numerator and denominator. This game can be played at home and in the classroom. Students can learn on thier own while teachers can use it as a supplementary course material. Print out worksheets on converting fractions and decimals and get more practice online. For students in 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th grades.

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Studying the Connection between Decimals and Fractions Well with Games

Once your child/student plays separate fractions and decimals games enough, it’s time to combine them both. Therefore AlgebraForChildren.com has brought an exciting converting decimals to fractions and fractions to decimals online game. With this game, children can be well familiar with the relation between fractions and decimals, and how to convert one into the other. We have fractions to decimals conversion interactive game as well as decimals to fractions conversion online game. By playing them, your students/children can be expert in the conversion process and they will understand the relation between fractions and decimals well. Up to the 6th standard, children should understand the fraction-decimal relation well; so, we have designed decimals game for 6th grade students. And we have also designed fractions games for 6th grade students. So, up to the 6th grade, your child/student will become skilled in solving fraction and decimal problems.